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From its foundation, Barbara & Co was established upon the principle of professional and timely client service. In 1966, Victor Barbara, who was formerly working in the Lebanese Ministry of Finance, decided to open a small auditing firm founded on this uncompromised commitment to client service, quality, and professionalism. In 1983, after having studied in London, his eldest son Jean joined him. Victor and Jean worked diligently together to grow the firm by always having the importance of resilient client services as a priority. The business was growing, so Victor’s second son Wadih came back from New York City in 1995, and added additional resources he has acquired in the corporate business world to the firm. Today, Jean and Wadih are the two partners, that alongside the staff members, provide unmatched services to every client by still sharing the vision and belief in the foundational principles established more than 50 years ago by Victor Barbara.

Our Partners

Victor W. Barbara

Late Founder and Partner
Founder of SCAL
Founder of FIDEF

Jean V. Barbara

Partner since 1983
Founder of LACPA

Wadih V. Barbara

Partner since 1995
Board Member of LACPA, 2005-2007